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Topic: What can happen with an unfinished compost?

We all know the benefits of adding compost to our landscape beds, but what happens if you add an unfinished compost? When compost is breaking down microbes use existing nutrients to break down for decomposition. Adding unfinished compost to a landscape can pull away nutrients from plant root systems and surrounding soils while finishing the decomposition process. Unfinished compost can also cause chlorosis (yellowing of plants) as it pulls away nutrients from new and existing plants. If you have ever experienced landscape beds shrinking/sinking, this is also a symptom of compost that has not yet finished going through the decomposition process. Unfinished compost will finish decomposing one way or another and it can be very detrimental to landscapes, therefore, you should only install finished compost. Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms, or other problems, due to poor quality / unfinished compost?


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