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Topic: The value of mulch in landscapes.

Mulch comes in many different colors and materials, but what is the benefit of adding it to the landscape? Mulch is the hero for the landscape bed, always protecting plants. Using natural materials such as wood products for landscapes is best. Natural wood based mulches have many benefits for landscapes starting by protecting your plants. Mulch is your first defense against the cold and the heat of our seasons. Mulch will keep your roots warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Frozen or burned roots can cause plant death and can be very expensive to replace. Mulch is also great for water retention in the landscape. Mulch keeps a moist barrier between the upper surface and where the mulch meets the soil providing extra moisture retention so landscapes can be watered less. Mulch also helps feed your landscape. Where mulch meets the surface of the soil microbial activity activates and microbes break down the mulch and slowly feeding the landscape. Replenish mulch once or twice a year is normal for healthy microbial activity in landscapes. Now that we talked about the health benefits of adding mulch to your landscape, there are the aesthetics of it mulch too! Mulch can add a clean finishing touch to any landscape. Mulch lays flat adding a color accent against plants. Mulch can come in browns, blacks, reds and sometimes any color of the rainbow. It can be mute or bright, changing the feel and flow of any landscape. What other ways has mulch added value to your landscape?


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