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Topic: Winter can be cruel

Winter can be very cruel to the landscape, especially after the week we just had here in north Texas of snow, sleet and freezing temperatures. This weather can also play havoc on plants in the landscape, more specifically the early bloomers. I know in our last blog post we talked about signs to look for in the landscape for cold damage, this blog I want to touch on what the snow and sleet can do to your plants that were blooming before the weather changed. We had some unseasonably warm weather during winter that caused some of the trees and flowers to bloom well before they should have. What that can do to your trees and flowers is set them back on their blooming. Many blooming trees such as fruit trees may not even re-bloom for the spring and may just leaf out in the spring. Without blooms there will be no fruit harvest. Something to keep in mind. Some bulbs that were blooming may bloom later in the season. Each plant is different and it would be wise to keep an eye on your landscape this coming spring. Did you have any plants or trees that bloomed before spring?


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