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Topic: Spring Pests

Spring is here and it seems as though everyone is out in the landscape enhancing the look of their homes. Now is a fantastic time to check your plants in your landscape for any pests and diseases. Added moisture can invite all sorts of unfriendly diseases like powdery mildew or insects like fungus gnats. Early detection will help prevent defoliation and possible death if treated early enough. If you think your plants are infected with something but not sure how to diagnose it, your landscaper can help with that! Landscapers are full of knowledge of what is happening in the landscape may it be nutrient related or pest/disease related. And who knows your landscape better than your Landscaper. Another great resource is boutique garden centers/nurseries. Most boutique garden centers/nurseries have a highly educated staff that can help with identification and help with a plan of action. What have you noticed in your garden that is pest and disease related but not sure what it is? Feel free to describe what is happening.


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